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My name is Anne Marleen Greil. I am an architect and interior architect. Skilled in designing in an existing and historical context. I am experienced in both architectural projects and interior design. This includes the design and selection of furniture.



I have been working as an (interior) architect at the Government Real Estate Agency for almost 8 years . And for 4 years I have worked freelance as well. Besides my work as a designer I have experience in project management and as a consultant on monuments and historical interiors.


In my current work as an architect and project manager my main tasks are all the stages of the design process and advising my customers during this process.  As a project manager I can also monitor the schedule and budget of a project and work with external parties like architectural agencies and construction companies.  


This website gives an overview of projects I have worked on. For more info on projects, collaboration with architects and  clients I have worked for, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or marleengreil@yahoo.comShould you be interested, I can show you a detailed portfolio of the projects on this website.



Interior architecture | Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam NL (art academy) | Bachelor +

Architecture and Building engineering | Technical University Delft NL | Master and Bachelor


For more info, see my LinkedIn profile (link in picture on the right)



I have always been passionate about the re-use of (old) buildings in combination with new design. This became stronger when I lived in abandoned buildings for several years as a tenant to prevent squatting.

I lived in a warehouse where they used to make speed trap cameras, in a historical house that used to be a court house and in a large factory where workers used to design and make product wrappings.

These large buildings had been vacant, abandoned, the workers had left and it looked like time stood still. I had to make my home in a non domestic environment and I loved the contrast.

Wandering around in 'my' palatial factory I dreamt of re-using, renovating and restoring it and adding a new layer to this existing place. And not go for the easy way out and tearing it down.

Architect Marleen Greil
Architects Register | Architectenregister
Title: Architect | registration nr. 1.110401.010
Title: Interior architect | registration nr. 4.060801.001


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